What Students Remember Most About Teachers

This is so true.

Pursuit of a Joyful Life

Dear Young Teacher Down the Hall,

I saw you as you rushed past me in the lunch room. Urgent. In a hurry to catch a bite before the final bell would ring calling all the students back inside. I noticed that your eyes showed tension. There were faint creases in your forehead. And I asked you how your day was going and you sighed.

“Oh, fine,” you replied.

But I knew it was anything but fine. I noticed that the stress was getting to you. I could tell that the pressure was rising. And I looked at you and made an intentional decision to stop you right then and there. To ask you how things were really going. Was it that I saw in you a glimpse of myself that made me take the moment?

You told me how busy you were, how much there was to do

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Sunday Secrets

I’ve suffered with that same things. It’s a battle you have to be willing and ready to fight. The outcome is amazing after the war. To any boys or girls who are sufferers I hope you make it through those who are scared to get help, you need to cause you’re beautiful/handsome, and society’s fucked! Let me tell you! They don’t know shit. Any shape, size, and body type is unique and wonderful! ❤
And all the pro Ana sites need to f-off.


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Brand new and ready to go!

Hey there!!!
My name is Skylar Elizabeth, I’m new to blogging and nervous as hell but am ready to start a new adventure and chapter in life.
I guess I’ll use this post as a “get to know me” type thing, well let’s start it off slow, I’m 16 I am working on changing myself for the better being unique and having a fun eventful life(:
I’m recovering from self harm and suicidal, after an 11 day stay in a hospital the couple things I’ve learned is to love life, change is possible and beautiful, and life is the best thing that could happened to anyone ❤
And last but not least never give up the fight and push through the tough and break into the beauty.
If you're wandering why the name is Beautifully Broken it's because a nurse at the hospital was talking to me about my fake eye (yes I have a fake eye! And it's another reason that makes me, me) and he said that some people are just beautifully broken. And the name was born.
Well now that I gave everyone a damn hour run through of my life haha time to get started!
Like I said I'm new as hell at this and so if anyone has tips for me questions or advice I'd love to hear!
Thank you for reading my book!(;